Creative and Effective Leadership in Design Environments

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Mar 13, 2011/SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX (Austin Convention Center)

A search on Amazon shows 62,000+ books on leadership but almost nothing to help creative team leaders build and sustain a creative environment. Creativity and innovation can be delicate and emotionally fraught processes. Leadership theories are helpful, but what do you do when your star designer suddenly starts mailing it in? Or a project team is frozen in infighting? Or one of your designers just can't find their footing in a new project? When you got your big promotion for being an amazing designer, no one told you that you needed an entirely new skill set. Sink or swim, baby. For this session, Sarah B. Nelson gets practical on the topic of creative leadership. From vision development to team alignment, from bottom-up empowerment to top-down intervention, Sarah will inspire you with practical ideas to motivate your team and rouse them to greatness. She will draw on her extensive experience leading creative teams at Adaptive Path and Hot Studio—and inform the discussion with research and interviews from organizational psychologists, experienced managers, and successful creative leaders.

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Eliza's picture

Brilliant talk—one of the most useful and insightful at SXSW—and lead to great further conversations that day. Thank you for making yourself available!

Do you know if anyone videotaped your presentation? I'm sharing this with colleagues and think your commentary and presentation add so much to the slides themselves.

All the best, Eliza

John Wayne's picture

Really interesting slide set. I wish I could have been at the talk, and hope that if it was recorded in some way, that I can view it. I especially like the survey responses as part of the talk and I imagine you had some great things to say about the responses. Also, I really want to know more about slide #37 with the pink and yellow post-it notes.

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