Aug 20, 2008

Back to Work After a Long Weekend (at WordCamp & An Event Apart)

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Holly Hagen
Senior Visual Designer

I just got back to the office after a nice, long weekend at conferences. I'm a little bummed I didn't get to travel outside SF for any of this excitement, but that's what I get for living and working in such a great city.  

So first was WordCamp SF... it is always one of my favorite events of the year! Now in it's 3rd year (proud to say I was one of the handful of people at the first WordCamp in '06), WordCamp SF was definitely prepared for all the new faces by holding it at the new UCSF campus in Mission Bay. The event was separated into 2 tracks, one for normal users and the other for developers. And since I'm a little of both, I separated my time between the 2 halls. It did get a little difficult to choose at times... like was I really suppose to go to a session about secure coding when Ben and his LOLcats were talking upstairs? Sorry Mark. Anyway, I saw that John Pozadzides was taping everything so hopefully that is out soon so I can catch up.

WordCamp: Matt makes opening announcements Credit: Heather RasleyWordCamp: Matt makes opening announcements Credit: Heather Rasley Matt making morning announcements. Photo Credit: Heather Rasley

Some WordCamp highlights:

Also... big props to my girl, Marianne for putting together the WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt. I wasn't able to make it, but it sounded like everyone had a great time raising some money for our friends at 826 Valencia!

Now moving on to An Event Apart SF... I went to AEA this year with fellow Hottie, Jisun. We really enjoyed both days. There was a stress on visual design and process with great presentations from Jeffry Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, Jeremy Keith and Jeff Veen.

AEA: Jeffery Zeldman Phot Credit: kurafireAEA: Jeffery Zeldman Phot Credit: kurafireAEA - Jeffery Zeldman. Photo Credit: Faruk Ateç

Some AEA highlights:

  • The playlist - pretty slick idea to put this up, everyone was talking about it
  • Jeremy Keith's & Mager's liveblog of the entire conference
  • Derek Featherstone!!! Hands down my favorite presentation of the conference (maybe ever). Everyone NEEDS to know that accessibility is definitely part of the user experience.

Overall, it was a great weekend! So many new friends and good times. Time to start rolling on all those good ideas this inspired me to do... can't wait for next year. Thanks again to Heather Rasley and Faruk Ateç for the photos, silly me forgot my camera to both events. I would easily forget my head if it wasn't attached to my body =)

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Thanks Frank! Love you're photos. Seems like we run in the same circle, funny we've never met. I'll be on the look out at the next geek event to thank you in person.

Also, thanks for the heads up, totally looking to the encoding problem.

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Oh and my real name would be Faruk Ates, with the s having the cedilla as can be seen on my own site. This site is evidently breaking my name :(

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You're welcome; feel free to use my real name instead of my nickname (kurafire), though. :-)

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I hope you keep on breaking WordPress. We depend upon breakers like you and me to keep WordPress in top shape. :D

It was an amazing conference. Thanks for being such a special part of it for me.

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Holly - thanks so much for your most kind words - I'm blushing a little right now! Given the rest of the speaker roster, I'm thrilled my presentation struck such a chord for you.

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