Dec 16, 2008

Brand Design for a Pharmaceutical Industry Game Changer

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Henrik Olsen
Principal, Executive Creative Director

Jae Chung came to Hot Studio this Fall with a bold new business idea for changing the way pharmaceutical companies find, evaluate, and collaborate with qualified partners. Jae's vision was based creating on online environment that could facilitate companies finding the perfect partner for their very particular needs. For example, researchers, manufacturers, distributors, can find the most appropriately qualified partners for specific drugs.

But to start this business community, Jae needed an enticing and memorable name. Hot Studio's naming practice jumped at the challenge. Through an intense set of brainstorms and creative explorations, Oscar Villalon, Sr. Content Strategist, came up with the new company name "goBalto." Oscar explained; "this name is based on the life-saving dog that carried medicines, via the Iditerod Trail, to Nome Alaska in the early 1900s during an outbreak of diphtheria."

With this new name, Hot Studio took on the challenge of designing a visual identity that would serve as the core identifier and central element within the brand visual vocabulary. As a result of Hot's visual design team's extensive exploration, Brian van Veen, created the selected logo design shown here. This new logo is intended to express the core mission and values of the goBalto. Objective, thorough, insightful, transformative, pharmaceutical, established, and scientific, were just some of the attributes the selected logo embodies.

Over the next few months, by working with Hot Studio and Carbon Five, goBalto will be launching it's beta version of the community and ramping up its' industry changing business. It will be an exciting process to see unfold, as such dramatic shifts in the pharma business happen only once in a blue moon. You can keep up to date with goBalto's progress by signing up for the mailing list at

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