Apr 05, 2010

Designing and Creating Zinio's iPad App

Hot Studio is thrilled to have been a key team player in designing and delivering the iPad app for Zinio, the largest online newsstand in the world. We believe the iPad is a game-changer for the publishing industry, and Zinio will be a big catalyst toward that happening.

Basically, the free Zinio app lets readers, publishers and advertisers access thousands upon thousands of interactive, full-color, multimedia magazines on the iPad. But it also allows readers to pay once for a magazine subscription or single issue, then “publish” that content to whatever PC, Mac, iPad, or smart phone they want to read it on. What we did on our end was lead the experience design work on the app development team, working closely with Zinio’s expert team as well as the good folks at Pervasent, a leading mobile app developer here in San Francisco. And we got this app ready in just six weeks, so it would be available from the App Store on the day of the iPad’s launch early this month. In addition, we helped a number of publishers prepare interactive content for the launch. (You can read more about what we did here and here, or see it for yourself.)

We’re all excited here to be part of this revolutionary change in magazine publishing. And to that end, we’re going to continue to design and develop new content modules for the iPad with Zinio, as wells creating new tools and methods that will let publishers make the most of not only Zinio, but other digital platforms out there.

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