Mar 17, 2011

Female Engineers FTW

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Kathy Simpson
Technical Architect

"Female engineer" is a loaded label. I've been working in technology, engineering, and science for most of my life. It all started in elementary school when my dad, a CTO for a newspaper in Alaska, signed me up for the after school program, Women in Technology and Science. Back then, I didn't think much of it. I just got to hang out with a bunch of "cool" girls who thought about the same things I did. Over the years, as I've been able to dig deeper into the engineering world, I've never seen a difference between male engineer, or female engineer (other than a lack of the latter). At the end of the day, code is code, a machine still thinks in numbers, and the UI is always improved by user feedback. Sometimes computer science can feel like a sausage fest, but whether a man or a woman has more say in the outcome of a project is irrelevant to its success. 

We celebrated International Women's day last week, and this week Wired magazine put a female engineer on its cover for the first time. While I still like to think that being a man or a woman doesn't matter and that we're all working together to solve a problem, it's still pretty freakin' cool to see Limor Fried on the cover of April's Wired Magazine

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It's funny to me that there's so much focus being put on how Limor Fried looks on the cover of Wired. Frustrating that she was so heavily photoshopped, but the buzz is totally killing the accomplishment. Would it be different if it were a man who was photoshopped?

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And there was a heated debate over whether Wired magazine photoshopped Limor Fried too much.

For Shame: Wired Goes Glam and Photoshops a Lady Scientist Beyond Recognition (

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