May 11, 2011

First Taste of Social Chocolate

It’s been true since the day we opened our doors. Hot Studio stands for much more than people-centered design. With a “responsibility to the world” built into the very foundation of our business, we develop tools and resources that help people connect in meaningful ways. “Social Chocolate is a natural extension of our business philosophy,” Hot founder Maria explains. This revolutionary partnership of premiere creative and business thought-leaders develops “radically new social adventure games based on breakthrough scientific findings from psychology, neuroscience, and sociology.” Hot Studio is proud to announce that both Maria and Hot President, Rajan Dev, are among the 14 creative visionaries in partnership on the Social Chocolate team. Founded by John Yost, Adam DeVito and Matthew Brown, the prestigious team includes Jane McGonigal, Social Chocolate Creative Director and Business Week’s "Top Ten Innovators to Watch”; Ivy Ross, EVP Marketing at Gap; William Gaultier, CEO of e-storm; and Tom LaForge, Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights at Coca-Cola.

In incubation for close to two years, Social Chocolate represents a breakthrough in the human/technology experience. By using games to understand what inspires us to “do good” and interact in positive ways, and ultimately “feel good,” Social Chocolate ushers in a whole new era of tools for medicine, business, psychology and human engagement. “Hot creates great experiences,” says Rajan Dev. “Gaming and product development can’t succeed without a positive user experience. But Hot’s role in Social Chocolate extends beyond design. We’re entering a new space of proactive, strategic business opportunity where product and design are a leading driver.” Learn more about Social Chocolate and the people behind the big ideas.

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