Mar 16, 2011

Help the Relief Effort in Japan

One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded since the dawn of the Richter Scale hit Japan last week and was followed by a crippling tsunami. The devastation that ensued has touched the lives of millions. Located in the Pacific's "Ring of Fire"—where the majority of the world's seismic activity occurs—earthquakes are no stranger to the Japanese. While precautions have been taken to prepare for them, no nation could prepare for the repeated disasters the country has experienced. Did you know that there have been an estimated 250 aftershocks (1-2 per hour) since the main quake hit?! If there were any time to donate, now would be it. If you are interested in learning about the ways in which you can support relief efforts, here are some resources that employees at Hot Studio have suggested:

The American Red Cross operates 92 hospitals in Japan and has deployed 700 medical relief volunteers across the country already.

Architecture For Humanity (who Hot supported as part of Cameron Sinclair's TED wish) has an effort underway to rebuild in Sendai.

Doctors Without Borders is sending highly trained teams of doctors into the hardest-hit and most difficult-to-reach regions of Japan.

The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, a local Japanese American community group, is taking donations. 100% of the donations will go directly towards citizen relief efforts in the most affected areas.

Charity Navigator, a guide to legitimate, verified ways to help Japan.

GOOD has also set up a page with different suggestions of ways to help.

GlobalGiving is also an excellent website to donate, not just for Japan, but for all of our world's countries in need.

And, if this isn't enough, check out Japan Earthquake: Resources, Links & Ways to Help for even more info.

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