Aug 25, 2009

Henrik Olsen Joins the AIGA SF Board of Directors

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Holly Hagen
Senior Visual Designer

Congratulations to our Creative Director, Henrik Olsen, in becoming the new AIGA SF Interactive Design Chair.

I'm really excited about this news, not only because he's my boss... but how this will impact the organization. Since shifting gears from print to web a few years ago, I've sort of lost touch with the AIGA. Their programs really don't speak to me anymore. They seem very print-focused and seldom touched on process and vision. Don't get me wrong, some events like the Traveling Lounge and the Studio Tours are awesome (Note: My interests in working at Hot really evolved after attending their Studio Tour 2 years ago, no joke)... but then on the flip side, I can only take a designer walking through their (print) portfolio only so many times. And according to Henrik, I'm not alone in this thinking. He says that over a quarter of local members identify themselves as interactive designers, but only a fraction of the AIGA SF programming is geared towards us!

So what does Henrik have up his sleeve?

He is definitely pushing for more interactive programming. As well as creating partnerships with similar organizations in the industry, like our friends at IxDASF. As designers, we often work with a wide variety of talent (printers, project managers, IA/UX, developers, etc.) and not only that, it's in our blood to blend those roles and disciplines. I, myself identify as being not only a visual designer, but a front-end developer with tons of interests in social media. There is no single organization taking care of my needs, so over the years I've attached myself to groups like BayChi, IxDA, and the Social Media Club. Bridging the gap between these organizations would be an amazing push in the right direction and I'm eager for the change.

Congrats Henrik!

More about Henrik.

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