Oct 22, 2010

Hot and Blurb Collaborate on a Fun, Easy Way to Create Books

Hot Studio proudly announces its partnership with Blurb and the launch of Bookify, a rich Internet application that allows Blurb’s users to quickly design beautiful books, online. Headquartered in San Francisco, Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books and is dedicated to providing people with the amazing experience of holding a bookstore-quality book with their name on the cover.

Crafted in intense collaboration between Blurb and Hot, Bookify complements Blurb’s popular and robust book design software, BookSmart. Bookify serves a wide range of users—from folks with only a night to put together a volume of vacation photos, to those creating simple, beautiful portfolios. You can read more about the work we did on this rich Internet application here and here.

“There were a couple of things that made this project so exciting,” said Hot Founder and CEO Maria Giudice. “First, we had the ideal partner in Blurb. They didn’t just want us to deliver an end product for them. They wanted to help us craft the design every step of the way, weighing all the different possibilities till we got to the right solution.

“Second, we made the most of that close partnership by providing functional prototypes that gave us a good sense of how a design would work. And we were able to incorporate meaningful user feedback on designs through our in-house testing capabilities.” Giudice said.

“The creative cultures at our respective companies dovetailed beautifully,” said Blurb Founder, CEO and President Eileen Gittins. “From day one we were on a page together, resulting in great design work that we would not have achieved on our own.”

You can find out more about similar interactive work we’ve done by clicking on the names of any of our clients below:


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