Jan 27, 2010

Hot Designed iPhone Application "JobCoach"

All of us at Hot Studio are excited to see JobCoach, one of our first soup-to-nuts iPhone application designs in the iTunes Store. Hot was involved from early concepting and experience design through development, right up through the Store application process. There were several things that made this project great to work on.

Most importantly, we get to improve people's lives by providing them with meaningful, valuable career coaching information that might be otherwise out of their budgets. A career coach can be one of the most important tools in a job search, and we have now helped create a way to dramatically increase the average person's ability to access that tool.

Second, the collaborative partners we had in this project were top-notch. Lauren Still, the founder of Buoyant Life career coaching group had a ton of great ideas and information that needed to make its way onto the application. Working with Lauren and her team we were able to easily determine what JobCoach wasn't—and as a result, get on the right track to make JobCoach what it needed to be.

Then, working with technical partner WebEnertia we were able to craft a design and user experience that would make any job seeker one step closer to landing that perfect next gig.

From beginning to end, everyone involved at Hot—and our clients and partners—got to contribute great ideas, debate alternate options, and ultimately (hopefully!) help people get their job searches on track. We hope you'll download it, play with it, gift it to friends, and let us know what you think!

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