Mar 14, 2013

New Beginnings


After nearly sixteen years of leading this company, we’re excited to make an announcement: Facebook has agreed to acquire the talent behind Hot Studio.

Several months ago, we began a great working relationship with the Facebook team. During that time, we’ve noticed unique synergies between the two companies in their commitment to foster a robust, collaborative, creative culture, and a relentless desire to create excellent and meaningful experiences for people all around the world.

At Hot Studio, we’ve built a team that amazes us every day with their talent, ambition, and ideas. In joining Facebook, we’ll have the opportunity to unleash that talent at a scale that impacts the way businesses and over a billion people around the world communicate. We’re excited to take this next step together, and join one of the greatest companies in the world.

Over the next few months, we will fulfill all our commitments to our incredible clients to the level of quality and service they’ve come to expect from us.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey for all these years: all of our employees past and present, our fantastic clients over the years, our families, and the many partners in our community and industry.

With sincere gratitude,
Maria Giudice and Rajan Dev

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Ed Callan's picture

Incredible news, team! Congratulations, and here's to great success going forward!

Kristee Rosendahl's picture

Congratulations Maria and to all the great people at Hot! A very exciting next step! I'm so happy for you! You deserve it!

Raymund Bautista's picture

A-blazing! Very happy for your team. Stay fierce. It's going to be fun building new tools for brands on FB. Wish I part of it.

Rosalyn's picture

Absolutely wonderful news! Congratulations to Maria, Rajin and the entire HOT team.

- Rosalyn

Michael Everitt's picture

Congratulations and best of luck navigating this new opportunity. I know you'll do well, and do good, too. Onward with courage and fun!

Chris Finlay's picture

Congrats on a big move! I have been a long time fan of Hot's work and am sure it will be an amazing experience for both companies.

Charles Imbro's picture

Maria, you insist on always amazing me! Well done, and good luck with this new venture!


khalifa's picture

i am glad like to enjoin to this site while i have no idea about it but hope to the best one i have participate in it . As long as my teacher invite me to do so i have done for her

Ivan's picture

Congratulations!!!...Really nice to read this!

ann willoughby's picture

Congrats on a well deserved deal. You are not only HOT, you are on fire!

Andrew Cargill's picture

Congratulations guys! I hope you have a fantastic time at Facebook. I can only dream that in 16 years time me and the guys at Genie will have a similar opportunity!

Mike King's picture

Thats Awesome! Congratulations guys & gals!

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