Oct 18, 2010

Hot Works with Linden Lab to Create Second Life Marketplace

Hot Studio proudly announces its partnership with Linden Lab to create Second Life Marketplace, a completely redesigned web-based shopping experience for Second Life, a virtual 3D world jointly inhabited and created by Residents—that is, customers—from around the globe.

Hot worked closely with Linden Lab to overhaul the entire shopping experience of Xstreet, a UGC e-commerce site offering virtual services and goods to inhabitants of Second Life. Linden Lab acquired the site last year, and asked us to help them integrate it into the Second Life experience. You can read more about the new shopping experience we helped design, along with Pivotal Labs, our development partner, here.

“Second Life is a powerful and fun brand,” said Hot Founder and CEO Maria Giudice, “so going in we had to make sure our design solutions would enhance that brand and meet measurable business objectives. All of us working together made that happen.”

You can find out more about similar interactive work we’ve done by clicking on the names of any of our clients below:

Gap Inc.

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