Jan 01, 2008

Hot's COO Rajan Dev Speaks at Commonwealth Club's "Conscious Capitalism" Public Panel

Rajan Dev, Hot Studio’s COO, shared his insights among a panel of speakers at the Commonwealth Club on the topic of "Conscious Capitalism: Resolving the Conflict Between Consumerism and Progressive Innovation."

Leaders in business, design and innovation discussed how to shape 21st century business strategy to challenge people’s attitudes toward consumerism. In addition to Rajan, other panel members included:

  • Eric Ryan - Method co-founder
  • Brandon Schauer - Adaptive Path Experience Design Director
  • Nathan Shedroff - Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy Program, California College of the Arts

Nathan Shedroff shared his activist design approach, Eric Ryan of Method demonstrated how to work with products that are more eco-friendly, and Rajan provided a business-focused voice that was sympathetic to the issues of the design community. Together, the panel of experts plotted out a business strategy for the 21st century in response to the sustainable production of goods and services.

Panelists offered their expertise on how businesses shape the desirability, effectiveness, and usability of products, and how we influence what materials go into or support the offerings we design. They debated sustainable design processes, and the impact the offerings have in the lives of end users.

Rajan spoke briefly about Hot Studio’s philosophy. “Through people-centered design businesses can understand core needs and motivations, and ultimately deliver deeply meaningful products and experiences,” he said.

The group of speakers rallied around how to create an internal culture of sustainability that supports creative thinking and innovation. Progressive solutions discussed included: choosing clients and customers to bring about change; recruiting non-profits and change agents in business schools; bridging the language gap between sustainable design and business; leading consumers on a radically new customer journey; and finally joining the Designer’s Accord.

Rajan emphasized deep partnership between designers and clients to influence sustainable business practices as well as a methodology to educate, measure, strategize, and plan this level of sustainability. He also spoke about Hot Studio’s recent partnership with the Designer’s Accord, a coalition of designers, educators, business consultants, and corporations who are working together to create positive environmental and social impact for their clients and customers.

The panel concluded that sustainable business practices for the 21st century must first start with consciousness. That is the key to being effective.

Watch the video.

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