Mar 17, 2011

House of Buttons

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Jisun Suh
Director, Visual Design

House of Buttons is a nice Tumblr site with a bunch of buttons—round buttons, pointy buttons, glowing buttons, embossed buttons—you name it, they have it all. Jason Long, a developer and UI designer, started curating this collection of UI buttons from the web and mobile devices and it is open for public submissions too.

This site makes me wonder how other designers keep track of and organize their design inspirations? Do you have your own collection of UI elements? Share with us!

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That's great, thanks for sharing! I like to go to when I'm looking for button and icon inspirations. Also I sometimes just use Google images if I have a key phrase that I'm looking for. I had read somewhere recently that keeping a place on your hard drive of inspirational images is really great too (though I'm not sure I have the space haha!). Using Tumblr is a great way to keep it all together too though.

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