Mar 03, 2008

How to Manage a UX Team (Without Losing Your Mind!)

Most of us who practice user experience design are generalists. We need to know enough about technology to work with engineers. We need to know enough about visual design to work with designers. Every time we start a new project, we need to learn about our client's business and their business problems, until we can recite them in our sleep. We need to be part designer, part psychologist, part researcher, part corporate therapist. We need to be able to write cogently, sketch our ideas so that even the most distracted marketing executives can understand them, and give killer presentations.

But managing a user experience team takes these skills to a whole new level.

  • How do you find people who have potential to be as good at this work as (or even better than) you are?
  • How do you inspire them to do their best work, and keep getting better?
  • How do you handle a team member who is not performing?
  • What if, (heaven forbid), you have to fire someone?
  • How do you keep yourself inspired, when your job is to make the rest of your team look good?

This was the subject of Katrina Alcorn's presentation at the Las Vegas IA Summit 2007 this month. For those who manage a UX team, or those who are just thinking about it, this presentation offers practical advice grounded in real-world experience.

Download the full presentation.

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