Apr 01, 2006

How Research is Transforming the SFMOMA Website

Museums must serve the needs of many different people from students to visitors to artists and to everyone in between. How does a museum create a website that’s relevant, compelling, and thought provoking to different audiences? In spring 2006, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) hired Hot Studio to find the answer. Hot Studio conducted an intensive research and strategy project as part of a larger website redesign initiative.

Hot Studio used a variety of research methods that are considered best practices in user-centered design. Those methods included an extensive online survey, live interviews with site users and SFMOMA staff, and a think tank with representatives from national and international institutions.

This month Katrina Alcorn, Hot Studio’s UX principal, will be co-presenting a paper with Dana Mitroff of SFMOMA at the 2007 Museums and the Web Conference in San Francisco. The paper, “Do you know who your users are? The role of research in redesigning sfmoma.org,” presents the findings from Hot Studio’s research, and demonstrates how these findings will lead to tangible design features on the new site.

The paper was posted this week on the conference website and is already garnering attention in the blogosphere. Discussion has focused on Hot Studio’s approach to incorporating Web 2.0 features.

Read the paper.
See us at the conference.

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