Sep 08, 2011

Inspiring Board Games

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John Butterfield
Senior User Experience Architect

At our bi-weekly design team meeting here in NY, we take turns presenting things that inspire us. I recently shared examples of the new generation of board games that I find inspiring—well actually that I obsess over. These games entertain and educate through their gorgeous visual design, cool subject matter, engaging manual interface and innovative mechanics. Here are a few highlights from the deck:
1960: The Making of the President
In this game on the Kennedy-Nixon election, the board-within-a-board puts you in the smoke-filled back room of the campaign.

Compete with other artisans to restore the Fresco in the local cathedral—buy your pigments and supplies, manage your workers, please your patron.

Battlestar Galactica
This multiplayer game captures the dark future, politics and paranoia of the show. Players work together to evade the Cylons and reach Earth—until one player secretly discovers he or she is a Cylon with a whole different agenda.

What games inspire you?

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