Apr 05, 2010

iPad Partnership with Zinio

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Rajan Dev

Over the past six weeks, Hot Studio has partnered with Zinio and their development partner, Pervasent, to design, deliver and implement a ground-breaking iPad experience.

In case you are not a Zinio subscriber, the free Zinio app lets readers, publishers and advertisers access thousands of magazines on the iPad. It also allows readers to pay once for a magazine subscription or single issue, and then view it on a number of different devices.

It's been an incredibly high-stakes challenge given the depth of the existing platform and the needs for a new application, store experience, magazine reader and approach to publisher content.

The partnership has developed expertise that we anticipate providing to our publisher clients, who are looking to leverage our collective experience, expertise and tools.

Please take a look at today's press release, read the case study, or sign up for Zinio!

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