Nov 20, 2009

It’s Fun to Stay at the…

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Kristy Lafollette
Director, Program Planning

The YMCA of San Francisco goes live today with a shiny new site designed by us with development partner Emerge Interactive.

Everybody loves the YMCA, or they should. The YMCA of San Francisco does a lot more than provide a place to work up a sweat. It’s an organization that focuses on providing health and wellness programs to underserved local communities while targeting at-risk youth, the isolated elderly, and new immigrants struggling to adjust to their new community. And obviously, what wedding dance would be complete without the signature jam they inspired?

The new site tells the story of the YMCA online and allows members and potential members to get the full picture of available offerings in a clean, easy to use interface. It’s also a place for potential donors to learn about the work being done at the YMCA, and just how vital their support is to the organization.

“Hot has developed a new website that both personifies and presents the YMCA of San Francisco in a clear and concise way. Their commitment to understanding the complexity of the YMCA of San Francisco was imperative and there is no doubt that the new website will significantly improve our ability to communicate with our members, donors, and stakeholders. We love Hot." 

- Chuck Collins, President and CEO, YMCA of San Francisco

This was one of those dreamy projects where the client has a clear, positive impact on our community and happened to be super fun, smart, and passionate. There was a huge learning curve for them—they had never worked with a design firm, let alone created a custom build website!—and we were amazed by how resourceful and responsive they were to keep the project moving along. As project manager, I give the Y team big kudos on making this all happen. Oh, and they love happy hour (just like me).

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Hi there Ogner Rats,

Thanks for the kudos! We typically like to show "before" and "after" shots with work, so sorry that was confusing. Take care!

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The new YMCA site looks great. You should put it at the top of your post!(I thought the old design was your work at first glance)

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