Aug 18, 2011

Make the Enterprise 2.0 Conference Hotter

The annual Enterprise 2.0 Conference, held November 15-17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, looks at the impact of technology on businesses, exploring “the bigger picture implications of the technology and the exploration of what is at stake for organizations trying to change not only tools, but also culture and process.”

Enterprise 2.0 attracts speakers from across the business and technology worlds, each of whom are chosen through an open submission process. With the conference fast approaching, we’re hoping you can help two of Hot’s finest join this year’s roster of speakers.

Henrik Olsen’s talk, Designing For Tablet Experiences, will present the fundamentals of designing tablet applications as well as tablet-optimized websites. You can promote Henrik’s presentation by clicking here and leaving a comment.

Chris Jones’s presentation, Lean Startup, will help attendees learn how the Lean Startup movement is changing the way products are designed and brought to market. To help promote Chris’s talk, click here and leave a comment on the page.

Thanks in advance for your help. We owe you a cupcake.

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