Nov 18, 2010

Pano App

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Josh Williams
Director, Product Strategy

Here’s a common situation: You’re in a meeting for a few hours, and along the way you fill up a whiteboard with notes and sketches. At the end of the meeting you pull out your iPhone to take photos of the boards, then you go back to your desk and upload 4 or 5 pics to Basecamp.

I was in a meeting last week, about to take pics from a similar whiteboarding session, when someone recommended Pano, an automated panoramic photo app for iPhone. It lets you take a series of pics, and stitch them together as you go.

Here’s a Pano I did of the Mezzanine. The stitching is pretty darned good, and Pano is doing something smart to blend the transitions — see if you can figure out where the seams are.

Check it out and let us know how you are using it.

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That's a nice 360 degree sample shot; I couldn't even find the seams. I can sort of do this with my old PDA/brick phone but with only 3 frames, and it doesn't look as good.

This reminds me of an interesting site I discovered somewhere:

They basically take hundreds of smaller photos of something, stitch them together, and create a 'gigapan' with a resulting resolution in the gigapixel range. The link above for example is to a gigapan of President Obama's inaugural address. Take a look if you have a chance and see how many famous people have been spotted in the crowd. FYI, I don't have any affiliation with that site, I just thought it was worth sharing!

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