Jan 19, 2009

Photoshop Ad-Busting

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Cathy Lo
Director, Visual Design

Subway advertisements of Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, and Christina Aguilera got the wheatpaste treatment with giant Photoshop tool boxes, perhaps commenting on all the behind the scenes image making that goes on in that world. It also reminded me of another real world / digital world mashup, photoshop in real life, that Holly mentioned before.

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I've seen that poster all over the subway. I've always been wondering, who put that up? Was it Adobe itself?

Or some anonymous dude with a load of cash who wants to bust out?

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I remember Harper's Magazine doing something similar back in 1991. They took a glam photo of Michelle Pfeiffer that ran in a slick-paper magazine and ran next to it the invoice for all the touch-ups done to the photo. It came out to something in the thousands. You can find it in Harper's online archive at harpers.org, but you have to pay a fee to see the page if you're not a subscriber.

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