Mar 07, 2008

Rajan Dev to Present "X-Ray Insights: What You See is No longer What You Get" at MultiCultural Media Expo 2008

Los Angeles – Rajan Dev, Hot Studio’s Chief Operating Officer, will present “X-Ray Insights: What You See is No longer What You Get” at the 3rd Annual MultiCultural Media Expo 2008, the nation's largest multicultural marketing and media show.

Rajan has helped businesses succeed by knowing who their customers are, what they really want, and how to reach them. Rajan will share the secrets of understanding the customer and the role of research in design. He’ll present real life success stories from Charles Schwab, the California Academy of Sciences, and The Gap to give participants a set of tools for multicultural business strategy, with a special focus on Internet channels and their cutting edge applications.

Investment firms, advertising agencies, researchers and marketers will attend the conference to learn marketing strategies in response to shifting demographics. Presenters will show them how to get their brand into shape and talk to their customers. “People-centered design is Hot Studio’s specialty” Rajan said. “It will be a pleasure to present how to gather audience insights and synthesize those insights into an Internet strategy.”

Other speakers of the day include:

  • Patricia Romero, National Manager Multicultural Marketing, Hyundai Motors
  • Natalie Rouse, Director National Ethnic Marketing, Comcast
  • Gwen Kelly, Senior Marketing Manager, African-American Initiative, Wal-Mart
  • Victor Reiss, Manager Emerging Markets, FedEx

Rajan will demonstrate how to design incredible Internet experiences based on his successes at Hot Studio, Digitas, Modem Media, NewsCorp, Next Era Consulting, HarperCollins Publishing, and The Understanding Business.

Stay tuned for more about Rajan at the MultiCultural Media Expo.

About the Expo

MultiCultural Media Expo is the nation’s largest multicultural marketing event. Industry partners include the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP), Asian-American Advertising Federation (3AF), and Globalization & Localization Association (GALA).

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