Nov 03, 2008

SFMOMA Website Redesign

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Cathy Lo
Director, Visual Design

The new SFMOMA site is now live! SFMOMA has a long history of excellence in exhibiting and collecting the foremost artists and designers of our time. They strive continuously to expand the range of cultural experiences they offer and to provide as many ways as possible to make the art meaningful and accessible to our community. In keeping with those goals, they've approached Hot Studio to redesign their website because their old site was outdated and did not align with the core values of the institution.

The new website is a result of extensive research and collaboration between Hot Studio and the SFMOMA web team. Our biggest challenges were to successfully reflect SFMOMA's brand personality online, to create a visual interface (and presentation of content) that is easy and intuitive to use, and to give diverse range of artworks and programs the greatest play possible. Hitting the sweet spot between variability and predictability was also not an easy task. The site not only needs to offer the users pleasant surprises along the way but also needs to remain usable and well-organized.

After 12 visual directions and 14 rounds of revisions, I think we've nailed it. Big thanks to Renee Anderson, our Director of User Experience, for her brilliant research and strategy work!

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It's beautiful!

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So is it wrong as a client to be proud of how many rounds we put you through? :) Thanks again for putting up with us, and for doing such thoughtful, beautiful work!

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