Dec 26, 2008

Sign Up for a Checking Account, and Peruse the Robert Bechtle Collection

Two of our latest projects—redesigning the websites for Bank of the West and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art—were launched into the Wide, Wide World of the Web not too long ago. (Cathy Lo blogged before about the SFMOMA's new site.)

Though we were collaborating with two very different clients, looking at it closely, they shared a common goal: turning their websites into interactive extensions of their brick-and-mortar selves. (An aside here: Why do we keep using the term "brick-and-mortar"? Sure, there's a nice rhythm to the phrase. But aren't there at least as many work places housed in concrete-and-rebar or glass-and-Sheetrock buildings? Might be time to update the lingo, folks.)

In SFMOMA's case, the assignment was about opening their vast collection and specialized knowledge to online users. For Bank of the West, it was about making the design of the site complement its new capabilities for online applications. We're proud of the work we did with both of them. You can get more detailed information about the projects here.

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